UKS Medical Diagnostics (UKSMD) is a completely independent company and because of this we can offer comprehensive coverage of diagnostic, surgical and specialist procedures, with managed access to the hospitals that provide them.

UKSMD have and continue to work with some of the country’s leading companies in the industry, including Case Management, Rehabilitation and Medico-Legal Agencies. Having established a comprehensive network of hospitals and medical specialists in the country, this scale means we can find the most appropriate provider for your clients’ needs, both in terms of specialism and geographical location.
We have preferential and long standing relationships with these providers; this helps us to ensure that appointments are arranged without delay and on cost-effective terms.

However it is our approach to dealing with people that really sets us apart. The personal service we provice is key and it is extremely important to us that we look after our patients, clients and providers. This in turn has helped to assist our growth and build ongoing relationships.

We have a dedicated team of account managers who will always be availible to assist our clients; this means business ralationshipsa are created between human beings, rather than on the basis of case numbers. Patients in turn are assigned an individual case handler. The benefits this brings to communication and level of customer service are immeasurable, and it’s something that our clients comment on frequently.




UKS Medical Diagnostics mission is to be the only choice for your organisation when sourcing a treatment provider. We thrive on having long standing and mutually beneficial relationships with both our clients and providers.



UKSMD hope to achieve this mission by providing the best possible service for our clients, ensuring accuracy and efficiency is ingrained in every treatment we manage for you the client.


Life Style

UKSMD look to create a family atmosphere within the organisation and this in turn has led to extremely low staff turnaround. The effect is an enthused workforce with abundant experience and benefits to you the client in terms of customer service.